First Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Parliamentary Summit opened in Vientiane

05/12/2023 14:46
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ຂປລ (KPL) The First Cambodia -Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Parliamentary Summit was officially opened in Vientiane on December 5.

President Thongloun Sisoulith speaking at opening the CLV Parliamentary Summit in Vientiane on December 5

(KPL) The First Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Parliamentary Summit was officially opened in Vientiane on December 5.

Speaking at opening ceremony, President Thongloun Sisoulith said that the first Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Parliamentary Summit will be a good opportunity for the delegations of the national parliaments of the three countries to express their opinions and to share their views frankly on issues of mutual interest and benefit, based on the spirit of strengthening unity, friendship and comprehensive cooperation between the three national parliaments of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, especially the provinces in the development triangle, to help and support each other in the development of the economy and society. Moreover, this meeting will be able to consider adopting the joint statement of the meeting according to the set objectives.

"The top legislators of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, discussed measures to strengthen the parliament's role in promoting the cooperation, solidarity and political partnership among the three countries during the First Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Parliamentary Summit in Laos, President of National Assembly," said Mr Saysomphone Phomvihane .

The first CLV Parliamentary Summit marks an important milestone in the history of cooperation among CLV parliaments and the elevation of the partnership among the three legislatures to the highest level, contributing to reinforcing and promoting the special traditional solidarity, close attachment and mutual support among the three Parties, States and peoples.

The event also affirms the determination of the CVL parliaments in further deepening their partnership and cooperation, benefiting the people of each country.

The summit will listen to a report by the Coordination Committee for the CVL Development Triangle area and another report on field survey results in provinces in the Development Triangle area of three CLV countries, to be presented by the NA delegations of three CLV countries.

CLV Committees on Politics-Diplomacy, Economy-Culture-Society and Defence-Security Cooperation convene their meetings within the summit’s framework, with the participation of Government agencies and representatives from localities in the CLV Development Triangle area.

The CLV Parliament Summit is scheduled to issue a joint statement demonstrating the political determination and commitments of leaders of the three legislatures in further expanding and deepening their partnership, thus promoting the comprehensive cooperation of the three countries in all areas of politics, culture, economy, external relations, security and defence for the socio-economic growth in each country and the common interest of people in the CLV Development Triangle area.

The summit will be a success, laying the official foundation for the multilateral cooperation at the highest level among the CLV parliaments, thus continuing to developing the political ties among the three countries, contributing to reinforcing solidarity, cooperation and mutual support among them, and bolstering the bilateral relations between Laos and Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and Cambodia and Vietnam at the same time.

This meeting was held in the middle of the regional and international situation that continues to change rapidly, complicated and difficult to predict. Along with that, the problem of natural disasters, climate change and the economic impact after covid-19 is still have challenge for the development of various countries in the world, including our three countries.

This is the first time that senior leaders of the National Assembly of the three countries will discuss comprehensive cooperation according to their respective roles to promote and monitor the implementation of various plans, activities of the ministries, related sectors of the three countries, especially the cooperation and investment projects of the governments of the three countries as well as the international aid project in the Development Triangle (CLV) with the aim of increasing unity, friendship and cooperation for development in the area to be efficient and effective in order to improve the living conditions of the people to be better.

In the midst of such a sensitive situation, it is very necessary that our three CLV countries must increase their close cooperation to find a solution to the problem in order to be able to deal with international challenges, and at the same time continue to use the potential of the three countries to bring maximum benefits to the people of the CLV development triangle.

This historic meeting is an upgrade of the meeting mechanism from the various committees of the Tri-Country National Council (CLV) to a parliamentary summit aimed at increasing and enhancing friendly relations, solid unity and comprehensive cooperation, with a focus on promoting economic-social development, national defense-peace-keeping cooperation and cultural and social relations, people-to-people relations for sustainable development between the three countries and in the region.

To raise the role of the National Assembly in promoting and monitoring the implementation of agreements, programs and cooperation projects which the governments of the three countries have signed together, as well as multilateral agreements to which all three countries are parties to create a platform for the National Assembly members of the three countries to exchange information, experience, lessons and good behavior on the performance and role of the three National Assembly CLV, as well as jointly discussing the budget allocation and researching channels to raise funds from within and international development partners of CLV and cooperation in other areas.

This summit was held under the theme: "Increasing the role of the Parliament in promoting comprehensive cooperation between Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam" and also defined sub-topics for in-depth research and discussion in each area, namely:

1. Political and foreign cooperation work: "Increasing the role of the Cambodian-Lao-Vietnamese Parliament in promoting cooperation, partnership, unity and prosperity";

2. Economic and cultural-social cooperation work: "Increasing the cooperation of the Parliament in promoting the economic connection of Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam towards the goal of sustainable and comprehensive development";

3. National Defense-Peace Protection: "Increase the monitoring role of the Cambodian-Lao-Vietnamese Parliament on National Defense-Peace Protection to ensure peace and stability".

Attending the meeting were Samdech Khoun Sudary, the President of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Vietnam National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue, and the relevant delegation from three countries.