President of the Lao National Assembly

Ms Pany Yathotu

Vice Presidents of the Lao National Assembly

Lt. Gen. Sengnouan Xayalath

Mr Somphanh Phengkhammy

Mr Bounpone Bouttanavong

Ms Sisay Leudetmounsone

Members of the Lao National Assembly 

Mr Saithong Keoduangdy
President of Law Committee

Mr Bounpone Sisoulath
President of Economics,
Technology and Environment

Mr VilayVong Bouddakham
President of Planning,
Finance and Auditing

Mr Somphou Duongsuvanh
President of Cultural and Social
Affairs Committee

Ms Buaphanh Likaiya
President of Ethnic Affairs

Colonel Khamsouk Viinthavong
President of National Defence
and Security committee

Ms Buakham Thipphavong
President of Justice Committee

Mr Eksavang Vongvichit
President of Foreign
Relations Committee

Ms Suansavanh Vignaket
Head of the Secretariat

Judiciary Bodies

Mr Khamsane Souvong
President of the Public Prosecutor's Office

Mr Khamphanh Sitthidampha
President of the People's Supreme Court

  Lao National Assembly VII