(KPL) IFC, member of World Bank Group, organized on Friday a workshop to equip bank officials and lessors with knowledge of modern secured transaction framework and movable finance market.

(KPL) Families who have been resettled to pave the way for Hongsa thermal power plant project in Hongsa district, Xayaboury Province, have said they are enjoying better living conditions.

(KPL) The 4th Lao Wood Furniture Fair 2018 will be held at Lao ITECC (old building) next month with an aim to promote value creation of wooden products and welcome Visit Laos Year 2018.

(KPL) Mario Singh, well-known in the world financial market, has urged Lao people to tap investment potential in the world’s largest foreign exchange market Forex whose highest trade value is 5 trillion US dollars a day.

(KPL) Hongsa Power Company (HPC) helps improve local people's standards of living in Hongsa district, Xayabourly Province through providing and facilitating access to vocational training and stable employment.

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